Discover New Alternatives to Notcoin 2024

New cryptocurrencies are evolving nowadays and each of these projects offers several unique features and opportunities. In this article we are going to explore cryptocurrencies of this sort like TapSwap, Hamster Kombat, Time Coin, and Blum. We will delve into the way we are able to mine them and the benefits offered by each project. Valuable insights are going to be represented, so if you want to mine as much as possible, don’t miss it and after reading this short article start your journey in this path.


1. TapSwap: Worth mining or not?

Although this project is similar to Notcoin, it is based on Solana Coin’s blockchain. In this crypto coin you have to do some daily tasks such as being a member of Telegram, following Twitter, and posting some content on it and being active at the token’s website, to collect and mine this token. After mining it, you will be able to exchange them into TAPS. In the project’s white paper, it has been claimed that about 50 percent (500 million) of TAPS will be presented to the people and followers of this project. Benefits of this token are as follows:

  • Decentralized Trading: Grants users to trade immediately from wallets.
  • Lower Fees: Lower trading fees are guaranteed as this is decentralized.
  • Security: Improved security because funds are not kept on a centralized system.

2. Hamster Kombat: Easy Peasy Coin

Hamster Kombat is a Telegram bot game, in which by just tapping the hamster, you can earn coins. These coins are believed to be finally airdropped and then exchanged for money. This token has not been listed yet, so it means that there is no guaranteed money, but as it is based on TON blockchain, people hope it will be listed soon. Therefore, people who have mined this coin will be able to withdraw their money. In this game, you can share your link and invite people. By inviting friends into this game, you earn more coins as a gift. Benefits are listed below:

  • In-Game Purchases: Hamster Kombat could be used for in-game transactions.
  • Play-to-Earn: Just play and earn money, easy peasy lemon squeezy.
  • NFT Integration: NFTs could be traded using Hamster Kombat.
cryptocurrencies of 2024

3. Time Coin: Is there any chance for Time Coin to get cashed?

This is another coin presented on TON blockchain. With Telegram bot, you can earn it free. Every 24 hours, mining gate gets opened and people will be able to mine this coin; if you are a busy person, this is your chance. To have this token, first join the Telegram bot and then after 24 hours, just by tapping a button, all coins be withdrawn into your wallet and then another period will get started. In the beginning, mining rate is at 0.1 Time Coin per hour, and by playing it gets increased to earn more and more. What are the benefits?

  • Time Management: Time-based transactions and services are facilitated.
  • Decentralized Platform: Time Coin is based on a decentralized secure system.
  • Global Reach: Global connection.


4. Blum: Green Cryptocurrency is here to be money!

The world’s first environmentally friendly cryptocurrency. This is another time-based Telegram bot that you just have to join, and by tapping the button, you can collect all you have gained in the 8-hour period and start another period. The final destination of this cryptocurrency is to be a Decentralized Exchange known as DEX. Blum has gained attractions all around the world and as it supports green projects, it is highly popular among people, so it has the chance to grow fascinating. The fame this coin has got has brought some problems to the system also, lagging, being slow and down-time are the biggest problems of this telegram-based token. Although there are some problems, let's hit its benefits :

  • Eco-Friendly: Supports environmentally friendly projects.
  • Sustainable Mining: Develop eco-friendly mining tasks.
  • Community-Driven: Its community is engaged in environmental programs.


In conclusion, the world is shifting into these airdrops and other tokens. You have to take the opportunity and mine as much as possible based on your time and hardware.  It might seem silly, but NotCoin has proved many people to be wrong, and this time other emerging tokens and currencies are here to be exchanged for money.

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