How to Pick a Suitable Case for Your iPhone

In this high-tech world, your iPhone is an essential tool, but keeping it safe can be a challenge. As you buy your iPhone, everyone suggests you protect it with suitable covers and cases. With so many case designs and features to choose from, finding the perfect one for your iPhone can be confusing. Here, we’ve noticed some essential features to consider while buying iPhone’s case.

Gripstands & kickstands

In today’s era, we try to combine different gadgets, affording some features in only one device. Instead of buying a grip or stand for your phone, you can wisely choose a practical case offering grips. Levelo has designed some luxurious cases for the iPhone with built-in grips. However, you may ask why I need a grip for my iPhone. We’ve listed some common reasons why you should use a grip on your phone:

iPhone with built-in grips
  • Increase Productivity: Use your phone with other devices at the same time.
  • Improve Comfort: Ergonomic grip reduces hand strain. 
  • Assist in the Kitchen: Keeps the phone clean and accessible while cooking. 
  • Enhance Content Creation: Provides a stable platform for photos and videos. 
  • Promote Safe Driving: Keeps the phone mounted and visible.
  • Improve Video Calls: Keeps the phone steady during calls.
  • Maintain Phone Cleanliness: Reduces drops and keeps the phone out of dirty hands.

You can choose leather or metal kickstands in different shapes, colors, and materials from the Levelo website for iPhone 14 and 15 series.

Card holder

Carrying bags or wallets can be a hassle on busy days. Sometimes all we need is just your cell phone and few cards. But what if our clothes don't have any pockets? We can fix this problem thanks to the innovation of the card holder wallet. There should be some firm reasons why a card holder is a suitable gadget.

magsafe wallet
  • Convenience: Card holder wallets are the perfect solution for those who prefer a slim and lightweight carrying option. They easily slip into your pocket without adding weight, making them ideal for busy days outside.
  • Organization: The wallet has strategically placed card slots. You can use them to keep your ID, credit cards, and transit passes organized and accessible.
  • Style: More than functionality, card holders are stylish. Wallet cases come in various stylish designs, from sleek leather to sophisticated nylon. Levelo offers a range of elegant card holder wallets crafted from premium leather. Available in unique colors and featuring two card slots, they cater to both functionality and style.

For the style perfectionist, a cardholder wallet from Levelo is the perfect choice.

Aramid Fiber

Aramid fiber takes phone cases to the next level. Forget the old, heavy covers. Aramid fiber is light despite its strength. This translates to minimalist cases that shield your phone from scratches, everyday wear, and even heat. Aramid fiber's durability makes it a reliable choice for anyone who prioritizes keeping their phone safe. Here, we’ve provided benefits of aramid cases:

aramid fiber phone case
  • Super Strong: Aramid fiber provides exceptional protection without adding weight.
  • Scratch and Wear Resistant: Keeps your phone looking sharp, even with daily use.
  • Heat Resistant: Handles every day changes in temperature.

Looking for a perfect case that offers top-notch protection? Aramid fiber may be the perfect choice for you!


Have you ever heard of TPU cases? If not, they are made from a blend of hard plastic and soft silicone. It’s a hybrid material that combines the flexibility of silicone with the durability of plastic. TPU is a superstar material for phone cases. It offers a winning mix of features.

  • Flexible & Durable: TPU cases bend and twist for easy installation, but they're tough enough to handle everyday bumps and scrapes.
  • Shock Absorbent: TPU cases can cushion your phone from accidental drops, minimizing damage.
  • Slim & Lightweight: Keep your phone sleek and stylish without sacrificing protection. TPU cases are thin and light.
tpu phone case
  • Grippy Goodness: Say goodbye to slippery accidents! TPU's textured surface provides a secure hold.
  • Oil & Grease Resistant: Lotion, fingerprints, or French fries? No problem! TPU repels everyday grime.
  • Easy Access: All buttons and ports are readily available, thanks to precise cutouts in the case.
  • Fits Like a Glove: No matter your phone model (iPhone, Samsung, etc.), there's a TPU case waiting to hug it perfectly.
  • Budget-Friendly: Protect your phone without breaking the bank. TPU cases are a great value.

With so many advantages, it's no wonder TPU cases are a popular choice!


Most iPhone users have become familiar with magsafe because of the charging revolution leading to fast charging. However, this technology goes beyond charging and we have magsafe cases for iPhones. But why can it be necessary while iPhone 12 and newer models are MagSafe-enabled?

magsafe iphone case

Obviously, to protect our iPhones, we use back covers. So, normal cases provide a shield, which affects magsafe functionality. With a MagSafe case, you can strengthen this ability with a group of magnets. Hence, your iPhone can easily connect to MagSafe chargers, wallets, and other accessories.

Benefits of Having a Levelo Case

  • Keeping dust away is a good thing about having a back cover
  • Offer Effective Protection
  • More resale value
  • Collection Can Be Fun
  • Look & Feel
  • Increased Functionality
  • Infuse Great Style

Tips to protect your phone’s back cover

back cover

Minimize Sun and Water Exposure:

Keep your phone case out of direct sunlight and away from water or humid environments. This is especially important for leather and silicone cases, which can discolor and lose their grip when wet.

Limit Time in Pockets and Bags:

Frequent contact with pockets and bags can cause fading. Additionally, objects like keys can scratch and ultimately cause color fade on your phone case.

Use a High-Quality Case:

Choose a well-made case from high-quality materials. This will not only protect your phone better, but may also resist fading for a longer period. You can trust Levelo products, which select the best materials and perfect design.


When we consider each feature's functionality, we can select the exact gadget that we need. So, from now on, you won’t get confused in choosing the best case for your iPhone. But if you need more information, you can contact us through the Levelo Website and buy the practical one.

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