About us

Levelo is a leading mobile accessory brand

Levelo is a global and the leading mobile accessory brand. Our mission is to provide the ultimate level of protection to your devices. We produce a wide range of products, stretching all the way from phone cases to
screen protectors and smartwatch bands. We designed our products to ensure that your device is protected through our prevention-first ideology.Our objective is to make high-quality products that fill the gaps of our competitors in the accessory industry. We built all our productsfor purpose, performance, and style. Everyday we think of new innovative approaches to explore into improving the standard of our products.

Our products stand out because they do not only fit into societies standards, but also, we design our products to exceed them. Our products made of high-quality materials that create extremely durable, seamlessly comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing products.

We hold those values to the highest regard and will never compensate for anything less that that. Including, the implementation of the latest groundbreaking improvements that enhances our products to a whole new
dimension, whether it is a new stylistic trend, or technological advancements and innovations.

The end goal of our products is to meet your needs but also maintains its value through time despite external factors. To help deliver and reach our customers, we also invested to provide top-tier customer service experience that matches our outstanding products.

Matchless Quality 

Our specialty is providing world-class quality products that will exceed your ambitious standards. That includes complete 36 degree protection for all and any smart device. Our cases prevent scratches and damage to your screens and lenses through their raised edges, while our screen protectors are made out of extremely hardened glass that is impenetrable. Our smartwatch bands are all made of hand-picked, high-quality, and comfortable-fit materials like Milanese, silicone, and ceramic. Our items come in a range of colors and designs to accommodate every individual consumer's preference.

Protection Redefined

Durable materials are the foundation of our phone cases as they are extremely resistant to drops and scratches. We ensure protection in different case styles as well; may it be a heavy-set design or ultra-thin. Additionally, we provide a selection with full customizability through colors and films that let you transform the appearance of your smartphone to your liking. We have a wide selection of accessories, including travel-friendly charging docks, stable car mounts, and quick charging cables. All our products include a 1-year warranty and for further information, please feel free to contact us as our team is available to you 24/7.

Advantages of Levelo products

360-degree protection coverage: We designed our products to protect your devices completely. For instance, with our phone covers, we do not just protect the back or the sides, we protect the entire device. That includes shockproof edges, non-yellowing clear covers, scratch-resistant, and anti-fingerprint screen coverage.
Wide Range of Collections:Our product portfolio is extremely diverse, it includes durable phone cases, stylish and comfortable Smart Watch straps, hardened screen protectors, and cables of all kinds, which are just some of the top-tier products we have here.
Unparalleled Design:Not only are our products diverse but so are our designs. We made it a high priority that our products stand out and exceed your aesthetic needs. Here at Levelo, we believe that your accessories should have a personality to match yours.

Our Products

As a specialized brand in presenting protective items for smartphones and tablets, Levelo is the best option to preserve your devices from scratches, dents, and other damage. Our product portfolio includes protective cases, screen and lens protectors, smartwatch bands, and other accessories. 

Protective Cases: One of the most popular products in Levelo is our line of cases. We have a variety of cases available, including silicone cases, wallet cases, Hybrid covers, and rugged cases. Our Tough Armor Cases are designed to protect your device from scratches, drops, and other damage. 

Screen & Lens Protectors: Another popular Levelo product is our screen protector. We have a variety of screen protectors available, including tempered glass protectors and PET film protectors. Levelo also offers a line of lens protectors for smartphones and tablets. These protective films attach to the camera lens on your device to keep it safe from scratches and dirt. 

Smartwatch straps: Levelo's line of smartwatch bands includes both silicone and metal bands. Our silicone bands are soft and comfortable to wear, while our metal bands are sturdy and durable. We also offer other accessories such as car chargers, wall adapters, OTG cables, etc.